Valerio Conti

Valerio Conti (1991, San Marino) is a visual artist, architect, and performer who lives and works in Venice. A fundamental act of his practice is the process of investigating the genesis of self-destructive feelings, both from a personal and collective point of view. The common thread that connects all his works consists of a movement between action and stasis and between self-censorship aphasia and a need for a loud exclamation. His practice is currently focusing on the gesture of extracting and taking portions of images from bodies in gay pornographic contents.

After graduating in Architecture at the University of Bologna in 2016, he attended the Master in Moving Images at IUAV, Venice and he worked in Peter Welz studio in Berlin. Recent shows include Mediterranea 18, Tirana (2017); Collective exhibition Intimo / Pubblico, Ca’ Tron, Venice; Karaoke Umbratile, Happening “Fine della specie” with Zapruder Filmmakersgroup, Iuav, Venice; Karaoke Umbratile’s performance San Marino Galleria Nazionale; Portfolio special mention call Sacred. The experience of beyond by Urbanautica (2019).

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Fig. 1 - 2.
Valerio Conti, 
Untitled, 2019, from the series Ex Corpore.
Photography on paper with a ripped line, 118.9 x 84.1 cm.
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 3.
Valerio Conti, 
Relic, 2019, from the series Ex Corpore.
Image extracted with the adhesive tape 19 x 33 mm.
Courtesy of the artist