Valentina Karga

Work exhibited at School of Waters
Prima Torre Guaita

CIRCLE #3 An Infrastructure for Digestion (2021)
Bricks and handmade ceramics, variable dimensions

About the artist

The artistic practice of Valentina Karga (1986, Greece) spans the fields of architecture, socially engaged art, and performance. Interested in creating alternatives to existing societal and pedagogical structures, Karga designs conceptual infrastructures that encourage engagement and participation to facilitate practices of commoning and sustainability.

Her works have been presented at Athens Biennale, Greece (2013); transmediale, Berlin, Germany (2016); and the inaugural Thailand Biennale (2018-19). She is a founding member of Collective Disaster, an interdisciplinary, transnational, and nomadic community that works in the intersections of art, architecture and the social realm and is currently Professor for Introduction to Artistic Work at HFBK Hamburg, Germany.

Fig. 1.
Valentina Karga, installation view,
Coming Community, 2018
Handmade bricks and various construction materials, variable dimensions
Commissioned by Thailand Biennale and donated to the local community

Fig. 2.
Valentina Karga, installation view,
Banana mummy, 2019
Video, copper pyramid with 3d printed corners, bananas, tiles, animation videos, soft sculptures made with natural dyes, variable dimensions. Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, photo by Aukusti Heinonen,
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 3.
Valentina Karga
Installation view, CIRCLE #1; A storytelling infrastructure, 2020
Carved stones, soft sculptures made with natural dyes, variable dimensions. Performing the fringe, Konsthall C,
photo by Johan Österholm.
Courtesy of the artist