Tawfik Naas

Work exhibited at School of Waters
Ridotto del Teatro Titano

For Every Shield, There Is a Star on the Other Side
80 x 200 x 30 cm
Mixed Media Installation
Wood, Paper, Stickers, Glass, Jesmonite and Metal

About the artist

Tawfik Naas (1997, UK) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice relies on the evolving shifts around the periphery of past historical events, such as the construction of the “Great Man-Made River” in Libya in 1984. Naas explores how this event is in perpetual motion re-enacted both in present and future time, particulalry interested in exploring the production of fantasy and myth and how these can be renegotiated in different (or changing) contexts. Further illustrating the mystical possibilities that occur when information is placed into different environments, allowing them to birth a new dimension in which the secondhand experience can be sustained. Processes of collaborations are an essential part of Naas’s research methodology. These collaborations, whether big or small, offer multiple points of reference into Naas’s work, in turn, producing something that is polyphonic and accessible.


Fig. 1. Tawfik Naas, film still, Dowsing Rods, 2018, Graphic interchange format. Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 2. Tawfik Naas, Research Material, 2020.
Courtesy of Heiba Naas and the artist

Fig. 3. Tawfik Naas, installation view, A third leg makes a stool, a third strand a braid, 2019, MDF wood, jesmonite, metal, stone, paper and metal, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist