School of Waters | Playlist

Curator Nicolas Vamvouklis and radio producer Konstantinos Pantzoglou bring together a new playlist for Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale. The selection explores the relationship between water, music, and visual arts by revisiting key themes that traverse the Biennale as a platform of coexistence:

“Oceans, seas, ice caps, glaciers, lakes, rivers, aquifers, ponds, snow, rain are fluid, they melt, condense, evaporate and appear in different states. These water formations suggest the possibility of reshaping the understanding of static identities and sense of belonging…”

* Konstantinos Pantzoglou is an Athens-based radio producer of the Greek public radio station Kosmos 93.6 – 107. He has collaborated with various magazines and web portals and loves the art of photography.

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Fig. 1. Detail of a Gorgon head on the Vix krater, an imported Greek wine-mixing vessel found in the grave of the Lady of Vix.
Burgundy, 510 BC. (Photo: Michael Greenhalgh)