Panos Aprahamian

Works exhibited at School of Waters

This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own, 2021
Digital Film, colour, stereo, 30’
Cinema Teatro Concordia

The Neologicon, 2018
HD Video, colour, stereo, 3:30’

The Neologicon Vol I. anthropocenic alterations is a video-installation which functions as a temporary visual presentation of the glossary known as The Neologicon. From then on The Neologicon’s content is bound to erupt in future works. Formally the video draws upon and reworks the different ways the climate crisis and technological development are mediated via screens both by experts and amateurs.

The Neologicon is a glossary of repurposed words and new terms engineered to explore the effects of species-level historical shifts on language and thought. Oscillating between a proposal for a time to come and a future-reality sent back in time piece-by-piece, The Neologicon is a dictionary for a speculative tomorrow undermining the stability of ideas and blurring the boundaries between concept and metaphor. The process of word-making does not simply mimic what it tries to describe but collapses into it resurfacing in symbols, diagrams and speculative maps.

About the artist

Panos Aprahamian (1986, Lebanon) is an artist-filmmaker and writer living and working in and around Beirut, Lebanon. His work in film, text, and digital media explores the spectral presence of the past and the future in bodies, spaces, and social relations.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in moving image practices at The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, University of Balamand, and holds an MA in documentary film from The London College of Communication, University of the Arts London where he studied as a Caspian Arts scholar. In 2017-18 Aprahamian participated in Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace Program and the Art Dubai Writer’s Fellowship and is currently a media studies instructor at the American University of Beirut. His work has been showcased at Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival, Open City Doc Fest London, Video Works, Beirut Art Center, Écrans du Réel, Art Dubai Film Program, The Lebanese Film Festival, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, and Room Gallery, UC Irvine.

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Fig. 1.
Panos Aprahamian, film still, This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own (2021), digital film, 29’00’’, colour, stereo, 16:9. Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 2.
Panos Aprahamian, film still, Neologicon Vol. I Anthropocenic Alterations (2018), digital video, 7’57’’, colour, stereo.
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 3.
Panos Aprahamian, film still, Yabandjo (2016), digital film, 28’18’’. colour, stereo, 16:9.
Courtesy the artist