Museo di Storia Naturale

Via Valdes De Carli 21
Valdragone, San Marin

Opening hours: 

Closed Thursdays and Fridays
All other days 12:00 17:00


The Museum of Natural History and Institute for Studies, Research and Documentation at the San Marino Naturalistic Centre is a public facility established within the Education and Culture Department, with the aim of creating a cultural centre in the field of Natural Sciences. It offers the opportunity to learn about the natural environments, fauna, flora, geology and palaeontology of the San Marino territory. The Museum is located in the old town centre of Borgo Maggiore, about 150 metres from the Borgo Maggiore - San Marino cable car station. It can also be reached from the old town centre of San Marino, using the cable car link, or on foot, going down the "Costa dell'Arnella" for a pleasant and evocative walk through the quarters and the greenery.