Works exhibited at School of Waters
Cinema Teatro Concordia

Video, 8:15 min, colour, sound
OTRANTO (2020)
Film, 24:41 min, colour, sound 5.1

About the artists

Sotiris Tsiganos (1992, Greece) and Ionian Bisai (1992, Abania) are visual artists and filmmakers based in Athens. They operate as an artistic duo in research-based projects, focusing on the critical reading of under-documented events and how those twist through new contexts. They work mainly with moving image and participatory strategies. Laboring in the age of augmented realities, the artistic duo weave social engagement and critique into their participatory strategies and performative sequences. Their filmic productions, a blend of documentary, fiction and archive, draws on lens-based aesthetics and theories.

Latent Community, founded by Tsiganos and Bisai, is an ongoing artistic investigation that incorporates fieldwork and moving image in order to respond to contemporary judicial, social and ecological cases, creating conceptual and emotional experiences for imagining a more equal and sustainable future. Their work has been presented in several international exhibitions and festivals (LOOP Barcelona, Athens Biennale, Sharjah Art Foundation, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival).

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Fig. 1.
Latent Community, film still, 
NEROMANNA (2017), video, 8’15 min, full HD, colour, sound. Courtesy of the artists

Fig. 2 - 3.
Latent Community, film still,
OTRANTO (2019), film 24:41 min, full HD, colour, sound.
Courtesy of the artists