Works exhibited at School of Waters

Digital Swamp - Expanded Online Programme

The Dido Problem, 2021
00:30 min, HD video, colour, stereo

Museo di Storia Naturale

Life of al-Seil, 2019
00:11 min, HD video, colour, stereo 

Life of Al-Seil  responds to burried river of Amman, called Al-Seil. The river was sacrificed in the 1980s to commercialise and westernise the city. From the past to the future of Al-Seil, the video traces a journey from the dry river of stones in Amman to the remaining flows in the north around Jarash. The film is an illustration of an ambivalent feeling, an attempt to understand the tragedy of the death of a body of water as a post-colonial effect, human supremacy and modern city planning. 

Voices from The Interior, 2019
00:07 min, HD video, colour, stereo

The floating plateau overlooking the horizon represents the back of a fish named Bahamut - described in Arabic cosmography as the fish that carries the world on her back. The artists imagine the forgotten and buried river of Amman as reappearing on this site and acting as a vessel for the buried voices of women in Amman. Three women were interviewed about how they perceive their future and that of the city. They are represented by the three figures gazing out the water from the 'back' of Bahamut.

Beneath us she resides, a giant fish that carries the world
Your feet on her back
The river in her, and her body in the forgotten river
Do you feel the river under your skin?
A never stopping stream
Without a moment of stillness or silence
Where does it come from? Where will it go?
They call the river Al-Seil and they used to call the fish Bahamut
She is so immense and radiant. One cannot bear her sight
All the seas of the world, placed in one of her nostrils, would seem like a mustardseed laid in the driest land
The sun touches her skin
They say a bed of sand stretches on top of Bahamut
Upon it stands a bull called Kuyootà
on its forehead rests a crag of ruby
on the crag there is water, on the water floats the earth
Bahamut rests on airless wind
the wind remains on mist
What lies beneath the mist is never ending darkness
A vast blackness that inhabits nothing but holes for possible futures.

Archive Video, 2019
00:06 min, HD, black and white

This video features archival material, satellite and on-site footage of tracing the transformation of the Al-Seil river before and after its burial. 
About the artist

Huniti Goldox is a German-Jordanian artist duo whose work is shaped by an engagement with speculative futures and fictions. In their joined practice, collaborators Areej Huniti (1989, Jordan) & Eliza Goldox (1985, Germany), focus on the development of spaces and tools for collective imagining. The duo likes to adapt a conversational, playful yet critical approach when engaging with site-specific topics and notions. Their process includes an experimentation with new media technologies and translates concepts into intimate digital spheres. Their recent research tries to understand and unpack the depths to which human emotions and realities are embedded in ecological systems.

Their work was exhibited at Darat Al Funun, The MMAG Foundation and The Jordan National Gallery in Amman, and will be shown at SomoS Art House in Berlin and at Les Mains Gauches in Marseille.

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Fig. 1.
Huniti Goldox, installation view, still, Liquid Entities (2019), Darat Al Funun.
Courtesy of the artists

Fig. 2.
Huniti Goldox, film still, Voices From The Interior (2019), VR 360°Environment. Courtesy of the artists

Fig. 3.
Huniti Goldox, film still,  Life Of Al Seil (2019), 10’35’’, colour, stereo.
Courtesy of the artists