Huniti Goldox is a German-Jordanian artist duo whose work is shaped by an engagement with speculative futures and fictions. In their joined practice, collaborators Areej Huniti (1989, Jordan) & Eliza Goldox (1985, Germany), focus on the development of spaces and tools for collective imagining. The duo likes to adapt a conversational, playful yet critical approach when engaging with site-specific topics and notions. Their process includes an experimentation with new media technologies and translates concepts into intimate digital spheres. Their recent research tries to understand and unpack the depths to which human emotions and realities are embedded in ecological systems.

Their work was exhibited at Darat Al Funun, The MMAG Foundation and The Jordan National Gallery in Amman, and will be shown at SomoS Art House in Berlin and at Les Mains Gauches in Marseille.

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Fig. 1.
Huniti Goldox, installation view, still, Liquid Entities (2019), Darat Al Funun.
Courtesy of the artists

Fig. 2.
Huniti Goldox, film still, Voices From The Interior (2019), VR 360°Environment. Courtesy of the artists

Fig. 3.
Huniti Goldox, film still,  Life Of Al Seil (2019), 10’35’’, colour, stereo.
Courtesy of the artists