Haris Giannouras

Work exhibited at School of Waters

Mermaids Washed Up on Shore (2021)
Edition of 220

About the artist

Haris Giannouras (1994, Greece) is a writer, researcher and cultural worker. Currently he is Research Fellow at Museum Abteiberg. Shows Selection: Yannis Mouravas and Nicola Baratto, at Am Ende des Tages, Düsseldorf (2020); A tall dark stranger, Daniel Kiss, Martin Maeller, Siggi Sekira, Malte Zenses, at New Now, Frankfurt (2019); To confess, one must tell lies*, Bradley Davies, Isabella Fürnkäs, Megan Francis Sullivan, Christian Theiß, Mark van Yetter, at Clages, Cologne (2019); AHHHHH! REAL MONSTERS! Co-curated with Lena Albers. Cosima von Bonin, Claus Richter, Frances Scholz, Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa, Walker Brengel, Arbit City Group, Simon Mathers, Philipp Timischl, Oliver Husain, Bernhard Walter, at Clages, Cologne (2018).

Publications Selection: Grayson Revoir's Tale of a Lonely Togetherness. Callus and The Crane at Neuer Essener Kunstverein, Passe-Avant (Review), February 2020; DIGITAL: Journals 1-3, hoasted by Clages, 2019-2020; THE FILTHIEST PEOPLE ALIVE! John Waters, Camp and the ugly truth of Queer Politics. Hässlich (Ugly) the 95. Edition of KSK (German-wide Art History Student Congress) University of Cologne; Q:Do you watch TV a lot? A:Sure Honey! Zu Medienfragen und Internetvorgeschichten anlässlich Jenny Holzers Please Change Beliefs, Masterworkshop Gegenstand Kontext 2018, Art History Institute, University of Cologne; Frances Scholz, 3A Gallery, New York.


Fig. 1. 
Haris Giannouras, A4 Highway, 2020, iPhone photography.
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 2 - 3.
Haris Giannouras, LA 2020_02, 2020, iPhone photography.
Courtesy of the artist