GianMarco Porru

Work exhibited at School of Waters
Prima Torre Guaita

Per mezzo di stelle (2020)

Variabile dimension, single channel video, foam, ceramic, alabastrer eggs
Courtesy Fondazione Costantino Nivola, Building, Fondazione Sardegna Film commission

About the artist

GianMarco Porru (1989, Italy) lives and work in Milan. His artistic research is tied to cultural narratives - especially oral tales within a specific community - and to stories recounted through different images which emerge in popular material culture, folklore, communitarian and religious rituals as well in vernacular museography and its displays. The research he conducts on these visual archives often originates from an interest in anthropological and ethnographical analyses and methodologies and later develops in the creation of performative actions. In this frame, he is interested in the human attitude towards natural elements and in how this relationship has created systems of belief and organizational schemes (for example spiritual and metaphysical verticality or communitarian horizontality). He has been particularly looking at how humans, inserted in a precise geopolitical and spiritual conformation, use these features to produce stories, actions, forms of consciousness and ultimately those monsters that exceeds organizational systems.


Fig. 1. GianMarco Porru, film still, MALEDETTA, 2019, 3-channel video (original format in UHD), 11:56 min. Courtesy of the artist and t-space

Fig. 2 - 3. GianMarco Porru, intallation view, MALEDETTA, 2019, 3-channel video (original format in UHD), 11:56 min. Courtesy of the artist and t-space.