Film Programme | Cinema Concordia

Via del Fontanone, Valdragone, San Marino

New dates to be announced soon

Archives and potential History

The eyes that never see (2021), Dina Mini, 11’48’’
Am I the Agless, Noor Abourafeh, 14’59’’
Sight Unseen, Alessandra Ferrini, 18’54’’
Real Chernobyl, Jacopo Rinaldi, 15’00’’

Water in-between lands

Vestiges (an archipelago) (2020), Enar De Dios Rodríguez, 40’48’’
NEROMANNA (2017), Latent Community, 8’15’’
OTRANTO (2020), Latent Community, 24’41’’
Anina (2017), Alcaeus Spyrou, 19’51’’
What things may come (2019), Marianne Fahmy, 13’

Diasporic routes

This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own (2021), Panos Aprahamian, 30’
Tante aus Deutschland (2019), Mila Panić, 39’25’’
Sunlight Vandalism, Marina Xenofontos, 8’42’’

Post-digital narratives

As they were drifting away, their bodies turned into waves (2021), Eva Papamargariti, 11’

Corinne Mazzoli -
TUTORIAL#1: How to get a Thigh Gap (2013), 2’34’’
How to Pretend To Be Out in Nature (March 2020), 27’’
How to Hide From Neighbours (March 2020), 48’’
How to Befriend Your Neighbours (April 2020), 36’’
Tutorials: How to Customise Yourself (2021)3’44’’

Theo Triantafyllidis, Anti-Gone (2021), Performance in Mixed Reality, Livestream recording from Teatro Titano, San Marino Commissioned and produced by Onassis Culture, Athens, Special thanks to The Breeder, Athens

Sonic histories

Hard boiled contained, evaporated! (2021), Endi Tupja, 30’07’’
Our songs were ready for all wars to come (2021), Noor Abed, 30’