Chara Stergiou

Chara Stergiou (1991, Greece) is a multidisciplinary artist and independent researcher. Her practice focuses on the point where epistemological research and artistic practice merge. With a strong background in spatial studies, she manages to examine questions of agency, materiality, the wider distribution of technical media and their effects in the big scale. Trying to outline current hard-to-describe aesthetic spatialities, she deploys sonic narratives about socio-biopolitical phenomena of a seemingly invisible and immaterial nature. This led her to the development of the artistic methodology of the “DJ Lecture” which is a hybrid narrative technique for stories, geographies and identities that are based on non-locality and can be seen as sonic, almost radiophonic, events to be transmitted through the lens of a deviated ethnomusicology.

Her work has been featured in exhibitions at the DIY Space for London and Thessaloniki Design Week 2019 and she has received The Schilizzi Foundation Award and the Goldsmiths Masters Scholarship for her studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. She had also been a member of the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices (Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly) and participated in events, conferences (HKW-Berlin, Tamesis Dock) and publications dealing with any extra-spatial affordances.

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Fig. 1 - 2.  Chara Stergiou, performance documentation, Music for Logistical Populations: A DJ Lecture, 2019, Performance.
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 3. Chara Stergiou, installation view, Class E, 2018,
Sound installation.
Courtesy of the artist.