Bora Baboci   

With a background in architecture, Bora Baboci (1988, Albania), focuses her current research on space crafting, migratory constructive behaviors, dwelling-in-travel and other essential forms of spatial expression. She is increasingly interested in the instances when these expressions of matter are the most fragile in their form, yet the most telling in their intentions. Through spatial performances, invented behaviors, real and fictional places and scenarios, she works with the loose relationship between behavior and trace. She attempts to articulate through her practice the sense of belonging that manifests at the shift of extending space through the body.

Residencies: ZK/U Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin (2017), Art House School, Shkodra (2017), ArtePollino Cultural Association, Latronico (2018), Eva International Biennal, Liberick (2019). Shows include: Del Tempo Fossile – Mula Museo di Latronico, Latronico, Italy (2019), Mur mur murmurim – Bazament Art Space, Albania (2019), Ex-Gratia, Collezione Giusseppe Iannacone, Italy (2018).


Fig. 1. Bora Baboci, film still, Prayer for Two, 2017, 2:45 min, colour, stereo.
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 2. Bora Baboci, installation view, Bora Baboci: Murmurim, 2019, Bazament Art Space, Albania.
Photo by Giulia Dajci, 
Courtesy of the artist

Fig. 3. Bora Baboci, film still, Pink water and the saltflats, 2020, research material Courtesy of the artist