Alcaeus Spyrou

Work exhibited at School of Waters
Cinema Teatro Concordia

Anina (2017)
Single-channel HD video, 19’51’’

About the artist

Alcaeus Spyrou (1991, Albania) is an artist who reconstructs cinematic methods aiming at new approaches to narration. In his films, the stories unfold through editing and image composition. His studies include Psychology, International Development and Fashion Design. Nevertheless, when he entered the Fine Art programme at Middlesex University, London; his exposure to multiple disciplines would flourish his practice. His research into the cinema of Alain Resnais and the ontology of collective trauma was awarded the John Walker Prize for outstanding Academic Achievement.

Since his graduation in 2017, Alcaeus’ work has been widely presented in numerous international exhibitions such as the Liverpool Biennial, Biennale Internationale de Casablanca, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Athens Avant Garde Film Festival, European Media Art Festival, IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Prague Short Film Festival, Indielisboa Independent Film Festival and the European Media Art Festival among others. Furthermore, the Hellenic Radio Television has acquired the exclusive rights to the film Anina. Finally, the film was awarded the 2018 Swedenborg Prize by the late Susan Hiller.

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Fig. 1.
Alcaeus Spyrou, film still,  The Red Port,  Courtesy the artist
Fig. 2.
Alcaeus Spyrou, film still, The Fjords of Ice,  Courtesy the artist

Fig. 3.
Alcaeus Spyrou, film still, The North Sea, Courtesy the artist