Michelangelo Pistoletto and Juan Sandoval, Love Difference - I Mediterranei, 2017, 4th Forum Rebirth


The fourth Rebirth Forum Love Difference - I Mediterranei will be held in Tirana and aims to bring together local personalities in order to "ARTivate" a dynamic discussion and exchange ideas that inspire sustainable and revolutionary practices. The responsible transformation supported by this forum arises from art and produces a new system of cultural, political, economic and social balance. Within its framework, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Juan Sandoval will create Mezzo Terra Mezzo Mare, I Mediterranei - Sedie Love Difference, a piece of sixty chairs that reproduce the shape of the Mediterranean Sea.

Place:  Turbina

Rr. Sami Frashëri, in front of “Petro Nini Luarasi” high school,Tirana



Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Mediter/radio, 2017


Participants: Kdoshey Zaglambia


Mediter/radio is an internet streaming radio program conceived by Beyond Entropy and directed by Stefano Rabolli Pansera. Broadcasting from public spaces and museums its mission is to reveal the Mediterranean as a coherent, yet symphonic, geopolitical territory while establishing a community of people and institutions through artistic and cultural production. Within the framework of Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale, the curator Stefano Rabolli Pansera and the Israeli duo Kdoshey Zaglambia present SHELTER Radio, a five-day program including live and pre-registered interviews and performances.



Place:  Clock Tower of Tirana

Sheshi Skenderbej, next to Et`hem Bey Mosque, Tirana


Ettore Favini, Mirupafshim (Goodbye), 2017



Mirupafshim is inspired from the recollection of the strong image depicting the Vlora ship carrying thousands of Albanian refugees to the Italian port of Bari. After interviewing Albanian families who live in Italy on the stories of their arrival, Favini intends to install on the facade of the Institute of Italian Culture, a sail made of clothes belonging to these families. The fabrics painted in red and sewn together will be embroidered with the word  Mirupafshim (Goodbye). As the artist puts it, the work is dedicated to the ones who suspended their "goodbyes" in a country which sometimes belittled them.



Place: Italian Institute of Culture

Sheshi Skenderbej, second floor, 1000,Tirana


Gilad Ratman, The Boggyman, 2008


Gilad Ratman’s video is a sequence of re-edited found footage that was taken from a series of self-documented clips of a man known as the Boggyman. He is depicted voluntarily submerging in mud and filming himself as he does so. The Boggyman who is not an artist, nor a performer,  repeatedly simulates and narrates his own death. In doing so, he became the reference point of a very active international online community called the  "deep sinkers".  Fascinated by this radical action, Gilad Ratman, whose work addresses the untenable aspects of human behavior, explores the universe of this character and his community.


Place: Bunk’Art 2

Rruga Abdi Toptani, 1001, Tirana


Credit: Daniel Mulloy, HOME (2016), film still


Eroll Bilibani’s Film Selection, Our Home Cinema under the Stars, Screenings


The Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale is grounded on four main ingredients of HOME: History, Conflict, Dream and Failure. Each one of the films selected by Eroll Bilibani have these ingredients deeply rooted in their core. Be it through investigation of the cartographic practices or poetic challenge of the concept of Home, the theme will be explored through the selected artwork of these brilliant artists. The audiences of the Biennale will have the opportunity to experience a small flavor of films presented at previous editions of DokuFest. Through these screenings we will challenge the concept of HOME for cinema: taking the films out of their natural habitat and bringing them closer to the audiences by transforming public spaces into cinema locations that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding events of the Biennale and the cities of Tirana and Durres.


Special Screenings:


Thursday May 4th at 20.30

Place: Cinema Mobile National Museum

Srdjan Keca, Mirage (2011)


Saturday May 6th at 21.00

Place: Cinema Mobile (Sheshi Nen Tereza)

Mahdi Fleifel, Xenos (2014)

A Man Returned (2016)


Sunday May 7th at 17.00

Place: Black Box

Special presentation by Donatella Della Ratta, Jonida Prifti, Illir Lluka, Avo Kaprealian


Sunday May 7th at 20.00

Place:  REJA - The Cloud Installation

Daniel Mulloy, Home (2016)


Sunday May 7th at 21.30

Place: REJA - The Cloud Installation

Marubi Film School Screenings: Capsule and Housewarming


Sunday May 7th at 21.30

Place:  Cinema Mobile (Pazari i Ri)

Vladimir Tomic, Flotel Europa (2015)


Monday May 8th at 21.30

Place:  REJA - The Cloud Installation

Valentina Bonizzi, Cartographers (2015)

Selmon Beha, Train (2016)


Monday May 8th at 22.00

Place: Cinema Mobile (Pyramid)

Rawane Nassif, Turtles Are Always Home (2016)

Mark Cousins, Here Be Dragons (2013)





POLIS University, Co-PLAN, ALBANIAN UNIVERSE: Design between the Vacuum and the Energy, a case study in the Mediterranean context, 2017


POLIS University together with its founding entity Co-PLAN present through a video installation, a reflection on the subject of design, based on their story within the Albanian context during the past two decades and its uniqueness within the Mediterranean. The approach is based on the socio-economic and political situation of a country, a sort of radical cross section of the Albanian society, where the challenge of the design is always coupled with a critical and problematical side of that context. Following a brief introduction on what is now Albania, POLIS participation focuses on demystifying/highlighting the challenges related to the consolidation of a democracy and a market economy through the POLIS and Co-PLAN work, addressed in four main columns.


Powered by: POLIS University, Co-PLAN, Metro_POLIS, POLIS_UNIFE, IF –Innovation Factory




Place: National Historical Museum

Boulevardi Zogu I, Tirana


The Academy of Film & Multimedia “MARUBI” Special Screenings

Amir Borenstein, Effi Weiss, Housewarming, 2016, 33’30”


Produced by: La chose à trois jambes

Co-produced by: Centre de l’audiovisuel à Bruxelles and ORAFILM (Albania)

Supported by: The center for cinema and audiovisual of Wallonie-Bruxelles federation, The Flemish Film Fund (VAF), Ostrovsky Family Fund, and Argos - center for art ad media

In collaboration with: Ilir Kaso


In a two-dimensional dystopian landscape of deserted half-built houses in Albania, a new mythology is in the making. The filmmakers, perhaps a contemporary incarnation of Goldilocks from the tale of the Three Bears, invade the houses and occupy their empty, liminal space and its missing furniture. The local community comments in song and speech about the new arrivals and their enterprise of an immigration in an opposite direction, from the full to the empty, from excess to lack.



Irdit Kaso, Capsule, 2015, 18’54”


Produced by: Akademia e Filmit dhe Multimedias Marubi


Irdit Kaso’s short movie tells the story of Keli who lives alone and works as a welder in a factory. He has a daughter, Dea who lives with her mother. After spending nine months without getting paid, he cannot pay his loan and the bank is obliged to seize his apartment. Keli tries to find a place to live. Capsule is Irdit Kaso’s second movie. It won the Public Award at the First Step Film Fest in 2015 and a Special Mention at Tirana International Film Festival “for its cinematic language and good visual storytelling”.



Place:  REJA - The Cloud Installation

Boulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, in front of the National Gallery of Arts.

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