Curated by : EMA ANDREA

Ema Andrea, born in Tirana, has studied classic ballet at the artistic college “Jordan Misja”. In 1990-1994 she completed her Acting Studies at the Academy of Arts, Tirana.


Her artistic life starts in 1990, with a protagonist role in a movie “A boy and a girl”. At the first year of the academic studies, she was part of the most important theatre show of that time “The night moon” of I. Kadare, by E. Budina, at the National Theatre, as a protagonist. She has continued her studies in Denmark, Bulgaria, Austria and Italy, for art management, acting, film and body language. She worked as an independent actress and director in Albania and abroad.


Pinter, Silvia Plath, Sarah Kane, Euripides, David Mamet, Boll, Brecht etc. are some of the authors that she brought on stage as a director and actress. She was one of the first directors who has worked in unconventional spaces, and experimented the Albanian dramaturgy. The uniqueness of her work is the psychological language, dynamism and rhythm. After ’90 she was the first woman who developed her artistic activity as an independent artist. As an actress: (Psychoses 4.48, I am from Albania, Medea, Kasandra, Becket, Three women, poetry and monologues). As a director (Schiller, Brecht, Plath, Capaliku, Futurism, Boll, Pinter etc.). In 2013 (Oedipus the King) she is the author of the physical movement and the configuration of chorus, which was based on the albanian traditional and rituals. She has collaborated in foreign productions as a director “Davanti al vuoto” in Mantova, as actress in “ Patriotic Hypermarket ” a political show by Dino Mustafiq , In Beograd. In 2013 she is a co-founder and manager of M.A.M centre (multidisiplinaryartsmovement). Some of the productions of M.A.M are the work-shops with the students of University of Arts, Tirana, Meetings with performing, theatre and visual artists. The realized projects of M.A.M foundation are “Informal Mind”, “Iron Curtain”,“Bukore” “Prag” “The clown”, “My name is Balkan” etc.


Ema Andrea is a curator, co- curator and performer in several contemporary events in Albania, with new artists of the region and with important artists of the world. “Ferite a morte” in Italy (artistic witness for the women violence and rights, feminicidio). “Prag” in Tirana (performance with women of the “325 Prison” of Tirana)

“The others” and “It’s the sky’s fault” in Albania (movies of the children’s rights.)

Ema is honoured with prizes in several festivals of the region and Europe. She is a lecturer at the University of Arts, in Body – Language.


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